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Anabolic Effect is a online shop for bodybuilders and athletes. We offer large variety of steroids, peptides and stimulants for enhance physical abilities. Anablic Effect is a reseller of the best known steroids and peptides from proven manufacturers.

Anabolic effect aims not only to provide you with the best quality sports stimulants, we will also guide you on how to properly use anabolic steroids for maximum effect and minimal side effects.!

We want to help you achieve your desired, whether you want to gain muscle mass or to reduce body fat and lose weight. We will be up to you!

  • Top quality products
  • Best customer service - help, advice and guide
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Our team


Our team consists of experts in nutrition, training and drugs!

Each of our team has many years of experience and knows how things work, how must to train and how to properly eat to have constant progress.


Before turning to you I drank a lot of junk .. all sorts of things .. Whatever I did would any serious results or after the every cycle i was back in starting position! Now, I've already got quite muscle mass and i'm well shapely ... thank you very much for your advice and good products!

Javier Graciano

Many people in the gym tell me what and how to do ... there are many who claim that "know much" ... but I'm glad I met you to stop experimenting with myself.

Katrin Muller



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